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one. >> a jewelery owner describes a terrifying heist caught on camera. and we'll step inside a bus offering fair in reno for as little as 1 dollar. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. i couldn't good evening, it is wednesday november 28th. i'm gasia mikaelian, this is bay area news at 7:00. well, the bay area's getting a break tonight when the first of a series of storms came through, but the bigger storms are still to come. we'll have more coverage starting with martinez, a tree fell on a power line, there on 32nd and brown street residents say that it took p.g.g. crews several hours to respond. we'll check with janet live
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here in just minutes. but in the meantime, to contra costa county. p.g. is telling us that there are about 15,000 customers that lost power this evening in the bay area, but again it was rain throughout the first half of the day. and boy, that's exactly what our chief meteorologist bill martin called for. bill, you told us that it would clear up by noon, and it did. >> [inaudible] that gave us a break -- the heaviest an inch of rain -- the upshot to that, the rainfall came under the estimates. so the rain not as heavy as expected. so that's good for the first of these heavy weather systems. if you take a look at the rainfall systems, heavy rain, but livermore, quarter of an inch. just an inch of rain in lowland. we're getting a break, there's the system as it moves out of the area.
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and you see that blue sky, we're going to get about scoffers of dry in the bay area. we've got all the live radars going, we've got reno, and sacramento, and looking for rain, the next system's going to come in here and it's going to come in as twice as strong as the other. i'm going to have all the details when i come back. i'm going to time this thing out with the latest computer model and we're going to go right to the five day forecast and we're going to show you how many days of rain we're dealing it. >> but boy, p.g. crews are strapped tonight, looking ahead to tomorrow and beyond. janet is now in alameda county with this. >> reporter: i just got an update, 1800 customers lost their power. and i want to show you this.
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this is the main p.g.n.e. center, and you can see through the gate, the transformers. they are lined up and ready to go wherever they're needed. workers maneuvered forklifts around the materials yard today. this is pgne's materials yard. today they're getting everything in place for the next round of storms. >> we're going to be going through this material throughout this week. >> reporter: pgne officials said that they shipped out 50 transformers tonight. massive reels of wires also ready and waiting to replace any downed lines phenomena. >> and this is a 10,000 reel of wire that can string literally for miles overhead power poles. >> reporter: along with power outages, strong wind and rain
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make for dangerous driving conditions. on 87, a van turned over, and on the oregon expressway, warnings in place. >> the coastal areas of this north bay, the peninsula of south mateo county were pretty hard hit today. and where we expect some more damage to occur in the next series of storms. >> reporter: pgne told me that they restored all power exempt for 2600 customers right now, and there are more crews expected to come here tonight to get ready for the next round of storms. janet katayama, ktvu news. >> well, sfo says that a ground delay is in effect, and it will probably last until midnight. that means that dozens of flights are being held at their departure cities until they can get clearance to take off. >> it's designed to reduce the
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amount of circling overhead, and reduce the possibility of flights having to divert to another airport. >> some flights are as much as three hours late and at least 90 others coming in and out of sfo has been canceled altogether. now if you're flying in the coming days, you may want to check with the airline before heading to the airport. >> cal trance tells us that the construction projects around the bay area will stay on schedule. that's because days are set aside for bad weather in the contracts for the work. some work did go on, including the caldecot and the devil's tunnels. click the tab at our home page for a link for our live storm tracker images. a 15-year-old suspect accused of a deadly string of crimes of in the bay area was
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-- adonis moldro, will banks robbed four businesses, killing a man dug a car jacking attempt and then got into a shoot-out with police on november 16th. those suspects are being held out bail. we have a firsthand account of a brazen jewelery store heist for a woman who saw it happen up close. the entire crime took place in little more than one minute. >> reporter: surveillance cameras captured the crime. two armed men, the owner still shaken asked he do they can't not show her face. >> it was very scary because he was waving the gun all over, and pointing at us, and making us all lay down. >> reporter: they raided the safe, taking all the store's most valuable jewels. the whole crime took one minute
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and 15 seconds. >> they knew exactly what they wanted. >> reporter: and police think that they may have done this before. in recent months, there have been several heists nearby. and this one in san pablo. >> this bears resemblance to other heists in the bay area. >> reporter: police hope someone in the area around noon tuesday might have spotted something. >> it really just takes one good break. >> reporter: the crime left employees nerve-shattered, they just hope that the thieves get caught before somebody gets hurt. >> it's just a very scary time and everybody needs to be careful. >> reporter: anybody with information is asked to call los skatos police. >> now to gilroy where police
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are looking for suspects after a driveby shooting. one bullet web site through two doors and a closet, almost hitting two children asleep in their bed. the home is near glenview drive, on tenth. and how far the residents say no one in the home has gang ties. oakland police are investigating a double homicide that left two teenagers dead and their families in mourning. jordan bistel's daughter went to -- bobby -- >> it's tragic, it's tragic. i'm devastated. she was my heart. >> police have not released any information on any possible suspects or a motive for the killings. also in oakland, police are looking for five people on a chase this afternoon.
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from above, from news chopper two, we could see the suspect's van. police say that the officers had tried to pull the van over because the people inside are gang members. that's when the driver took out of. after the crash, the people inside ran away. fire investigators say that it appears that christmas lights caused an evacuation of the trader joes, in but it was a minority incident overall. the store employee told us they smelled smoke and they evacuated the building. there are no reports of injuries. an expressway bus connecting -- connecting san francisco, san jose and reno is now back by popular demand. mega is now expanding its service to san francisco which it previously served in 2007 and 2008. now fares start at 1 dollar if
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you book early, the price then goes up as your travel date gets closer. >> so it should be a very easy trip. there's wifi, you can do work, which is far better than being stuck behind the wheel getting aggravated by the traffic. >> mega bus says that the expansion creates 80 new jobs. it is official, collin caver nic is -- subpoenaed. >> collin, we believe that the hot hand and will go we'll go with collin. >> it's a great chance to lead this team and show that we're a great team and we can go into the playoffs and win games. >> coach jim harbaugh's -- so does. deserve deserve a spot in
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baseball's hall of fame. that's the members of the baseball. conundrum as they make the decision in the coming weeks. the former giant is on the ballot for the first time along with roger clemens and same sosa. they are all accuse much of using performance-enhancing drugs. there results of this hall of fame voting are expected to be announced january 9th. >> two more suspicious fires in the same area where four others have recently happened. police will say little, but others have come to their own conclusions. and an animal control officer shot and killed in sacramento county. what led to the gunfire and the ongoing effort to take the gunman into custody.
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>> investigators say it appears a fire at alemeda high school was intentionally set. firefighters arrived around 3:30 a.m. to find two fires burning inside of a classroom. they said that stacks of books had been set on fire. investigators say that someone may have entered through an open window and started the fire. the damage the building was minimal. well, it's happened again in vallejo. two early morning suspicious fires. that makes six in just about two weeks. kim brilliant tells us what neighbors he thinks is responsible. >> reporter: while the damage may look light, the simple fact that it was set concerns neighbors. >> i don't know what it tells me but i'm worried to death, i can tell you that. >> reporter: ron masse owns this shop, and i think so that a transient is to blame. >> i've also seen him sitting on a blanket and actually sleeping where that fire was started it. >> reporter: but vallejo police do not have a suspect, and this
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is hardly the only fire. and just a few blocks away are the remnants of a chair -- it may not seem significant but that chair was burned next to a building that appears to have apartment units upstairs. the scorched building at the intersection of tennessee and amador, that puts the two fires in close proximity. >> they were still douse this guy back wall. >> reporter: randy masaki lives right down the street. >> it's concerning knowing that people are going around doing these fires. >> reporter: so far no one has been hurt in any of these fires. vallejo police say that they're investigating this case to see to it that does not change. and they do say that they need the public's help, and at this point can't say that these
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fires are all linked. kim prichad ktvu news. >> a stand off between a police and a man accused of a. it's believed that has shooter was a man who was evicted from the home of first street yesterday. police say that the officer went with a bank employee to retrieve several pets when someone fired a shotgun through the door failingly wounding the officer. feinstein was sentenced today to eight years in federal prison. prosecutors called kindie durkey the -- and campaign funds with the loss of at least $7 million. feinstein said her loss alone was about four and a half million. jerky was also ordered to fay $5 million in restitution. >> the big cat was spot near
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the tasahara ranch area, the employee reported. if debris low vista work. is so far, have been unable to confirm the sighting. walmart says it hopes to quibble expand its current stores. allowing the expansion. the judges ruled yesterday that the antioch city council was justified in an expanding plan back in 2010. local groups cited flaws in the environmental review process and one in the lower court that walmart appealed. opponents say that they have not decided whether they will appeal. president obama tried to appeal to average americans to that in his latest effort to avoid the on-coming fiscal cliff. with time running out, there's hopeful talk but no real solutions. >> reporter: backed by 15 million americans, president obama says that he's optimistic about avoiding the so-called fiscal cliff, while at the same time pressuring law makers to
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get it done. >> i'm asking americans all across the country to make your voice heard. tell congress what a -- >> reporter: extra $2,000 in taxes next year if congress can't reach a deal by december 31st. republicans and democrats are at odds over taxes and entitlements, on taxes, the president wants them raised over $250,000. and the republicans disagree and instead want to cap them at 50,000. >> we're willing to put revenues on the table, as long as we're not raising the rates. >> reporter: balking at cuts to medicare, medicaid. and. >> we have already agreed to a trillion and a half dollars in cuts. in this session of congress. >> reporter: also on the hill today with one laugh of the bipartisan team that offered a deficit reduction plan in 2010. >> i'm hopeful but don't put me
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down anywhere near in optimistic category. >> reporter: >> every week, he spends campaigning for his ideas is a week that we're not solving the problem. it's completely counterproductive. >> reporter: treasury secretary will be on the capitol hill. president obama travels to philadelphia friday to push for an extension of tax cuts for washington families. >> still today, really would. in renewed hopes about am the dows. the -- president obama plans to host this former rival. during this election, victory speech, um remember that the president said to look forward to talking with romney about how the two men can work together. a lot of hopefuls in 42 states have less than an hour to get in on the record paul ball jackpot. injuries dreaming of the potential pay off. $550 million. that's more than half a billion
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dollars. now the odds of correctly matching the numbers are 1/175 million. california does not participate in the power ball lottery. but for a good cause, the 90-year-old says she'll go on a date with the highest birder on an online auction benefits the fca. she's best known for her role. if it's a dramatic rescue effort that's yet to play out. the extreme lengths one bay area military group is going to save a sailor in desstress. you can call and a next week break in the stormy weather. chief meteorologist bill tells us -- depend if you're on the go or away from the tv quote- unquote you can still watch the web cast live on your computer, smartphone or tablet. get the app or go to ktvu.
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>> drivers ma sees, and partial closures. after three cars came loose from a vehicle carrier and fell on the roadway. you could see the cars being loaded on to the toe trucks this afternoon. two drivers also struck the
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crushed cars when they were on the road. but chp says that there were no injuries. you've been busy all day, chief meteorologist, and you keep saying thatlets about the breaks. >> yeah, keep that's what's happening right now, we're getting a break out. some wind big time with the morning commute. and we're going to see more breaks as we go throughout the week. so here we are right now, you can see a few showers in the area. system number two is lined up off shore, you can clearly make that out. but it doesn't get here tomorrow. it it gets here tomorrow night, late and early into friday morning. so tomorrow, is not a bad day, tomorrow's going to be marked by a maybe a few spring he is out there. but we're going to say plenty of sunshine out there, scattered clouds. and that starts many the north bay, late thursday, and then it sweeps through the bay friday morning and friday afternoon. saturday, periods of rain, looks like we're going to get
7:25 pm
some breaks there, it looks like we're going to get some breaks friday afternoon, and saturday. we're counting on that and then sunday morning we're going to get some more breaks and then after that -- and i keep stressing the breaks because you know, we can handle a lot of rain, but if we don't get breaks then we have a problem. you see the rain. i wouldn't be surprised late thursday night and early friday morning, we're going to see a. because, it's hanging out there, right. it's been up there for a while, it's still up there at 10:00 at night. so 10:00 tomorrow night. we've got rain coming into the san francisco area, but then it starts to shift. you start to move after midnight, it starts to shift and then moves south. so there's your morning commute. it's wet and windy, you'll probably have urban, to small stream flooding. it's going to make this morning commute to look really easy to tell you the truth. and then you see the back edge, there's your break, that's what
7:26 pm
you need, more break, more break, and then saturday, there's more more showers and then a little bit of a break sunday morning. it's going to take some time. but i can tell you right now, the main event for this next one, friday thursday late, look at the highs tomorrow, that's because it's a warm storm, mid 60s, that's friday's forecast a gasia, i'll see you tonight, and i got the latest model lined up and ready to go. >> thanks bill. a team of national guards man are on a mission to rescue an injured sailor 1,000 mails off the coast of mexico. 2c.-130 papers, they're bringing life saving medical treatment to the sailor. he's on a board of a filipino ship. they plan to hoist the sailor into a vessel and onto a helicopter first thing tomorrow morning. if that doesn't work, the paramedics will shoot. in and am thank you for
7:27 pm
trusting ktvu channel two news, we'll see you the next time news breaks. i'm gasia mikaelian, our coverage continues with the 10:00 nutrition. and tonight's jackpot is a record $550 million. you can't play in california, how far we're learned that can change. t.m.z. is up next here on tv 36.
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